2AM At The Sands
2AM At The Sands

Musicians featured on CD

A few notes about the recording

The 2AM at the Sands CD was recorded live at Rubicon Theater in Ventura CA in August 2018. We were fortunate enough to attract some of the worlds best musicians. Many of whom had played for Sammy, Frank, Quincy and Tom over the years. They knew these charts and loved the storyline. And they showed up and totally killed it.
This recording is not only a snapshot of a great performance, but new fresh recordings of the original charts as they were meant to be played, with a fresh new voice.
While there will never be another Frank or Sammy or Tom, these recordings are a great updated recording of these classic arrangements. The band is red-hot on fire. And so is Andrew.
We think you will enjoy listening to these renditions as much as we do.

The show and CD were produced by Kevin Surace (Acclaim Entertainment Group)
and Michael Jackowitz and Jeffrey Grove both with WitzEnd Productions.

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